Quail Ridge Country Club

Rainbow Falls Road Development Update

It’s certainly been an unusual time with the recent Covid-19 developments.  Although we are very lucky to live in a country which appears appear to be coping well with these unusual challenges, the effect of Covid-19 is still being felt.

Our development of Rainbow Falls Road has been slightly delayed which is unfortunate.  But the development teams have put some good strategies in place to get us back on track as soon as possible.

Road Sealing 

Due to the change of season with the resulting temperature drop and increase in moisture levels the Council has needed to halt the sealing works on the road.  If the sealing work was to continue at this stage it would stop the “seal emulsion from keying to the seal and substract together”.  As you can imagine that is not what we all want.

The sealing of Rainbow Falls Road will now be postponed until October at the earliest.  We’ll keep you posted on when that work will start.


The good news is that some of the footpath work can be continued and Broadspectrum will be working on the completion of the footpath at the Waipapa Road end with the kerb and channel also installed.  This will also involve the extension of two drains and the installation of two cesspits.

This activity is going to start after Queens Birthday holiday weekend, Tuesday 02nd June. 

Other Activity

There is a portion of the road that requires widening and removing any soft spots where the existing pavement is failing.  This work will be able to continue over the winter months and will make the final road sealing step easier.

Also, Top Energy have needed to put the undergrounding of the powerlines on hold.  But, they are working on removing the three poles from the Quail Ridge entrance at Awhitu Road Junction.  This will remove the overhead lines over the footpath.  This will then mean the concreting of the footpath infills can be done. 

We are still waiting for timeframes for this work, but we will update you as soon as we are aware.